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New Year Eve Gala: Swing meets Dine



Jazz & Swing – Swing meets Dine

Celebrate with us the last Evening of the year 2023



With our gala buffet on New Year's Eve you can expect stylish culinary delights which are staged and accompanied by the City Jazz Trio.

Swinging acoustic Jazz music for the buffet.

Well known classics from the Great American Songbook, Brazil Jazz and Blues


Our Restaurant Team welcomes you at 07:30 p.m. with a welcome drink

The Buffet opens at 08:00 p.m.



Our new year Gala buffet




*A Creation of beef-tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella
*Mediterranean vegetable plate with fried aubergine, courgetti, peppers and oyster mushrooms with fresh herbs

 *Crunchy Thai gambas in garlic, fresh herbs and pickled spicy soja oil

 *Crayfish cocktail: from fresh crayfish tails, in a fine cream dressing with fresh herbs and green pepper

 *Cantaloupe-melon with serrano-ham

 *Winter salad with walnuts, pears and two different dressings

 *Green and white asparagus in a raspberry vinaigrette






Main Dishes

*Veal steaks in porcini mushroom cream sauce with fresh herbs

*Guineafowl breasts with mediterranean herbs

*Salmon fillet in lemon sauce


Side Dishes:
potato gratin, rosemary potatoes, long grain butter rice

Mixed organic bread basket with grains and rustic baguette







*Bavarian cream classic with raspberry puree

*Dark chocolate mousse

*Fruit tartlets

 *Cheese board – Choice of exquisite cheese varieties and grapes



Buffet Price: 119,00 € per person
inclusive welcome drink




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